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Hair removal

What is IPL hair removal?

This treatment directs intense pulses of light at areas of unwanted hair over a series of short bursts. Various parts of the face and body can be targeted over a series of sessions.

What happens at the sessions?

Firstly, clients will pop into the clinic for a patch test to ensure suitability. The first session will then take place around 48 hours later, with around 4-6 weeks between subsequent appointments.

What areas can be targeted?

Clients can opt for a choice of small, medium, or extra-large areas, or mix up different sized areas.

Small areas: Upper lip | Chin | Fingers | Toes | Areola | Snail trail(Tummy Line)

Medium areas: Cheeks | Standard bikini line | Underarms | Hands | Feet | Knees

Large areas: Lower arms | Upper arms | Lower legs | Upper legs | Shoulders | Front of neck | Chest | Stomach | Lower back | Upper back | Full face | Female Brazilian | Buttocks

Extra-large areas: Full arms | Full legs | Fullback | Chest & stomach